World Cup 2018 football picks for Poland – Senegal
Poland kicked off its 2018 World Cup with a match against Senegal on June 19th in Moscow. The European side is a favorite at this meeting and, as a whole, to move forward from group H, but the Polish team should not underestimate the strength of its first opponent in the World Cup in Russia.
Adam Lavalka’s selection is one of the two favorites in this group along with Columbia’s team. Poland is expected to finish in one of the first two places, but their bets may be spoiled by the start of Senegal. Still, I’m sure the Polish team will approach the rival and will play the high-speed match because they know perfectly well how important it is to start with the 2018 World Cup win.
For the past 12 years, Poland has not qualified for world finals, but now the team has the confidence to play hard on the world’s largest football forum. “Polish Trophy” reached the Euro-2016 ?-finals and used its French finals to showcase the World Cup qualifiers for 2018. Poland won its five-point lead, but can it finish first the group stage of the World Cup? With a player in Robert Lewandowski’s class it seems achievable. The striker scored 16 goals in ten qualifying matches and is expected to lead Poland to the victory against Senegal.
In 2002 Senegal surprisingly reached the finals of the World Cup and in the same year it became a silver medalist in the African Cup. With his big star Sadio Mane, Senegal will try to break the favorites of the group. The African country will aim to get at least a point from its first World Cup match in 2018. Senegal has a lot of strong players in the offensive and I think it might hit Poland, but they will not preserve a dry net, so I expect an exchange of hits in this meeting.

World Cup 2018 football picks for Poland – Senegal

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