Soccer predictions for Serie A

Football predictions for Italy, which we share with, are also among the most discussed and shared. Our professionals write the predictions by taking into account any statistics, team data and their ranking in the league. Many remember the glorious times of AC Milan from the recent past, as well as Carlo Ancelotti’s supercarrot just 10 years ago. Inter played ugly football, but Jose Mourinho became king of Europe and took a treble at the beginning of this decade.

Juventus breaks any record of dry nets and also boasts a unique story. It is the “bianconers” that dictate fashion in Italy in recent times and have even imposed it in Europe, where they are an unchanged player in the Champions League. Roma with new US owners also shows teeth, and in recent years Napoli‘s composition also shines, which also fights for the top. In addition to Juve, Italy has retreated to the international scene, but there has also been a recent rise as well as the arrival of fresh capital.

The stadiums are always have hot-smoked ultras, which often carry penalties for their teams. As for betting matches, the hits are fairly common with lower odds due to the frequent draws in matches of the Italian elite. Right here we are strong in our predictions for Seria A because a large percentage of the draws are known by our team.

If you believe in a team, the odds for the leading teams are quite stable and are waiting for you. The important thing is to be aware of the prognosis, often the matches are dealt with a goal difference. Under and over are also convenient options, as often over 2.5 goals are quite high.

If you are a fan of local football and the predictions for Italian matches, you can not stand without a chance to try to recognize a match in the Italian Serie-A.