Russia – S.Arabia
Russia faces Saudi Arabia at the start of World Cup 2018. This match opens the World Cup on June 14 in Moscow as the hosts are the favorites of the victory. Read our soccer predictions for World Cup 2018 below.
The team of Russia is expected to be ahead of this group. They will still have their opponents Uruguay and Egypt as the Russian team is not the favorite for the first place in group A but should at least take the second place and bring joy to the nation. For this purpose, “Sbornaya” can not afford a wrong step in its first World Cup match 2018 against the weakest team of Saudi Arabia. The Russian team will be the favorite in this game and the whole tension will be on them, so it can make them a bad joke.
For many years Russia has not been a football force and specialists do not give them chances of World Cup 2018. The composition will legionnaires who are stars in their clubs and team relies mainly on players from the domestic league and can distinguish Igor Smolnikov, Artem Djuba, Fedor Smolov and Alan Dzagoev. Dzagoev is the man who pulls the strings in the middle of the field. Over the years, it has been claimed that he is interested in leading European clubs – Real Madrid and Roma. However, Dzagoev did not make a big transfer and now plays for CSKA Moscow. He failed to take part in Euro 2016 in France and is now expected to lead the team to a good performance at the World Cup.
Team of Saudi Arabia is ranked almost no problems for the World Cup 2018. However, it will be a big surprise if the finals in Russia “white-green” able to leapfrog the group stage. There is no serious international experience in the team. So far only once the team has played in the second phase of the World Cup. I do not expect any feats from Saudi Arabia and I think they will lose at the start of the group stage against Russia.

Russia – Saudi Arabia

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