Soccer bet predictions for Morocco – Iran
The Battle of Group B of the World Cup 2018 kicks off on June 15, when Morocco faces Iran in St. Petersburg. The two teams have equal chances of success according to the bookmakers and expect an equal match at the Krestovski stadium.
For the past 20 years, Morocco did not qualify for a World Cup. Now the team arrives in Russia to show that their place among the top 32 teams in the world is not accidental. For Morocco it will be crucial to win his first match in the group if he wants to claim the 1/8-finals. As is well known, there are also teams in Portugal and Spain, so Morocco will not hope to win against those two teams. If it fails to beat Iran at the start, perhaps for the Moroccan team this will mean that their chances of ranking the 1/8-finals are almost zero.
Morocco has had a good record at the World Cup, as it was on its way to reach the 1/8-finals. In 1986 Morocco became the first African team to win their World Cup 2018. Ten years ago, Morocco won its only African Cup, but we have to admit that they are not so strong now and will be a big surprise if they qualify for the 1/8-finals of the World Cup 2018.
The Iranian team will also think of the three points in this meeting. The Asian side enters the tournament with the glory of an invincible team. The team qualified for the World Cup after 12 victories and 6 draws in qualifying. In a given period of 12 matches, Iran had not even scored. This is a team with great traditions of world championship in terms of football in Asia. In my opinion, Iran will be very reasonable at this meeting and will not be in the front row, so we will almost certainly see few goals in their match with Morocco at the start of the World Cup finals.

Morocco – Iran

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